Welcome to the Horse Rhythm Foundation

HRF’s programs help active military, veterans, and first responders find their transition into healing using equine assisted services, ultimately supporting them and giving them back freedom and independence.

Research shows wounded warriors, who participated in equine-assisted activities, can experience physical, emotional, and psychological rewards.

Participants with impaired mobility experience increased balance, muscle control, and strength.

Riding and equine interaction motivates participants with learning or intellectual impairments (traumatic Brain Injury-TBI), and helps to increase concentration, calmness, and independence.

The key to the success of these programs is done through partnerships with supportive military related organizations and communities. They serve as horse leaders, side-walkers, morale boosters and program volunteers.

Our programs, through utilizing equine assisted psychotherapy/learning, therapeutic riding, and equine driving facilitated learning, allow us to help our military, and first responder personnel find their transition into healing.

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