Equine (Horse) Therapists


Major’s Profile:

 Major is a 11 year old registered Tennessee Walker. He is sired by Hillbilly Bob T.N. and his mother is Supreme Hallelujah. His has a sweet disposition. His intelligence and willingness to please has made Major an important part of the team.
Major is proudly sponsored by the Phoenix Relief Center!
Previously sponsored by the Arizona Diamondbacks


Skipper’s Profile:Guardian Angel

With deep sadness we announce that our beloved Skipper is now our Guardian Angel. Skipper was a 17 year old quarter horse whose playful and mischievous personality won the hearts of many. He was known for pushing the boundaries to help heal the wounded and wouldn’t let anyone get away with anything. Skipper helped many veterans and first responders find their way to healing. He gave all his heart to each of his veterans and first responders repeatedly. He now waits in heaven’s green pastures to carry those who are wounded through the gates of peace. Thank you Skipper for making this world a better place for all of us; thank you for being a part of our family! We will miss you dearly and love you forever!


Logan’s Profile:

Logan is a 12 year old Tennessee Walking Horse. As a former show horse, Logan is eager to please, and loves attention and affection. His patient disposition is instrumental in teaching veterans how to ride. In his spare time, Logan enjoys playing horse soccer and sorting cows. Horse Rhythm Foundation is proud to have Logan as part of the equine team.
Logan is proudly sponsored by Petsmart!





Marvin’s Profile:

Marvin is an 18 year old quarter horse who everyone falls in love with. There is no end to what this special guy can do. From ages two to ninety-two, he has carried Veterans, First Responders, and their families through healing and bonding to a better life. Marvin has become a favorite for a lot of our veterans and first responders. Marvin looks forward to his classes and his peppermints after a good days work.





Sam’s Profile:

Sam was born May 24, 1997, in Portsville, Iowa. He lived the first 14 years of his sheltered life playing in knee high fields with his mom, Sissel, and half-siblings. Sam is a registered Norwegian Fjord and displays all of the desirable characteristics and traits of the Fjord breed. He stands 14 hh and weighs approximately 950 lbs. Fjords are hearty, stout and extremely easy to own and train. They look for human companionship and adapt to every discipline and training. Although they rarely are bigger than a large pony, they are a draft breed and have been used for centuries to work by pulling wagons, plows and carriages. They were the battle steed for the Vikings and are believed to be the closest relative to prehistoric Pryzwalski horses. Sam is naturally calm, quiet and willing to work. He’s still adapting to our Arizona heat so HRF’s schedule suits him just fine! Sam loves the trails and is being trained to drive the new, custom carriage that will safely accommodate wheelchairs in the driving position. Sam is up for the challenge and is proud to serve!
Sam is proudly sponsored by the Military Order of the Purple Heart, Chapter 691!


Bella Luna’s Profile:

More information on Bella Luna coming soon!!Bella Luna is proudly sponsored by Sundancer Stables!





Sedona’s Profile:

More information on Sedona coming soon!!Sedona is proudly sponsored by the NRHA, Reining Horse Sports Foundation!





Radar’s Profile: (sponsorship available)

“Radar is a 6 year old Fjord Gelding, he is just barely 14 hands high, with a very thick and correct build. His mane is left “au naturale” and not cut in the traditional Fjord mohawk style. We think he looks like a rebel! He was born on an Amish farm in Ohio and came to Horse Rhythm via Linden, Michigan in late May of 2014. He is adorable and smart. Radar is very personable; and loves attention. He will stand in the cross ties for hours to be brushed and pampered on. He is broke to ride and is excited to start working on our guys. Radar is athletic, and he’s ready to support our veterans and first responders. Radar will be part of our EAP classes, TR classes and our carriage driving classes. He has had a well-rounded education and is ready for work.”





Devgru’s Profile:

Devgru, a Canter Arizona owned thoroughbred has recovered from his knee surgery sufficiently to go on long rides in the desert with his Canter trainer, Vicki Dryer. Vicki is a Gold Star mom, having lost her son Corey a little over two years ago in Afghanistan. Through her love of horses and her connections in the veteran community Vicki has arranged for Canter Arizona to team with Horse Rhythm Foundation (HRF) in an effort to get Vicki and Devgru certified to work with returning vets and first responders. Horse Rhythm founder Sahika Riley has met with Canter Arizona founder Dennis Miller and have discussed the logistics of this partnership. Also assisting with veteran communications is Colonel Bill Sahno, USMC, Retired, a decorated war vet and member of the Arizona Veteran Hall of Fame.

We are excited to have Devgru and Vicki in their new career working in the Equine Assisted Psychotherapy field with HRF. Stay tuned for more updates regarding Devgru and his progress with our veterans and first responder.