“In war, there are no unwounded soldiers.”-Jose Narosky

Please help us in helping veterans and first responders of yesterday, today, and tomorrow!

You can sponsor a veteran or first responder, allowing them to participate in our services to help bridge the gap between traditional healing methodologies and true whole-being wellness of the mind, body and spirit. There are endless opportunities to help, please consider giving TODAY!

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One time Donation

To support Horse Rhythm Foundation on a larger financial scale, with gifts-in-kind, or for naming opportunities at The Ranch, please contact us at,
or 602-432-2009


Item Specific Donations

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Sponsor an Equine Therapist

includes board/hay/bedding

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Sponsor a Veteran/First Responder

($360 covers a complete 6 week therapy course – to sponsor multiple veterans/first responders please use the one time dontation button and enter the amount desired)


Wheelchair Accessible Carriage

Thank you to everyone for your donation support with the carriage. The Military Order of The Purple Heart Service Foundation has sponsored us in the purchase of the Disabled Carriage, along with the MOPH AZ Chapter 691 for the increase in cost. We would also like to thank Rob and Maria Martens for their support and donation of the Harness, and time committed to helping us in training and developing the program. Other donations specified for the carriage have gone toward the accessories needed for the carriage to begin our program. Thank you on behalf of HRF and all our Veterans and First Responders. Stay tuned for future pictures of the carriage driving program named after  Iraqi Veteran Nathaniel Martens KIA and on behalf of the AZ memorial recognizing all those in AZ who have died serving our Country in Iraq and Afghanistan.



Shoes for our horses.

With the AZ heat, our horse therapist need protection too! Please help us provide shoes for these gifted horses; Shoes run approximately $100 per horse every 6 weeks. Having a number of horses gets very expensive. We’re not asking for Prada’s or Jimmy Choo’s, just plain ole fashion horse shoes.



HRF horses come from all backgrounds. Please help us keep our horse family/therapist healthy. With hay prices as high as they are, we need your help! It costs approximately $650 per month to feed all our of horse therapists.



HRF feeds supplements to all our horses. Arizona proves to be very environmentally challenging on our horse family. They need electrolytes, vitamins, psyllium, and worm protection. Please support these horse therapist that serve our military, first responders, and their families.



Just imagine the cost of your doctor! We believe in preventive care for our horses.



We’re not talking about sheets, but we do use wood shavings in horses stalls. This allows a softer ground, a more sanitary environment. This helps control thrush in their hooves for it absorbs the urine. Shavings run us about $350 every 4 months.


Equipment Acquisition

HRF is in need of the following items: grooming supplies, tack, winch, shade covers for outdoor activities, mini supplies (driving harness, mini driving cart), and picnic tables and chairs. Please click the appropriate button below to help.