Horse Rhythm Foundation was developed by veterans for veterans, first responders and their families. It is a volunteer organization full of professionals who are “paying it forward”.

It began when the founder (Sahika Riley) was undergoing chemotherapy and a friend contacted a chef who spent 4 months cooking and bringing food to her house to lessen the burden while undergoing treatment. Without charging, the chef stated that she was paying it forward after a near death experience. She was asked that she pay it forward herself some day.

After hearing the story, Sahika began to think about how she and others could create this “pay it forward program”.

Sahika states:” It’s not about us, but about all those out there who need someone to step forward and give in their time of need”.

Sahika who is a veteran, horse lover and knows the powerful healing of outdoor and horse therapy, began the quest to contact other professionals and begin today what is known as Horse Rhythm Foundation.